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How to make coffee in an Aeropress system using KONIG MicroFilters

How to make coffee in an Aeropress system using KONIG MicroFilters

03 March 2023

The brewing methode of the Aeropress device is based on the pressure of the hand on the piston, which ensures the passage of water through ground coffee.

The KONIG paper filters guarantee the purity and transparency of the coffee, and the pressure gives it a higher density compared to drip brewing methods.

Aeropress coffee is prepared in two ways: straight and inverted. The first of them is considered the most common and deserves detailed consideration.

Regardless of the method of preparation, the main aspects that affect the taste of the finished drink remain unchanged.

To make coffee, you will need:

• Ground coffee

• Aeropress system

• KONIG Microfilters paper filter with a diameter of 64 mm

• Hot water

It is also advisable to get a scale, timer and coffee grinder.

The Aeropress uses coffee slightly smaller than the average grind – larger than for espresso, but smaller than for a purover. However, there are no strict standards here, and deviations are allowed to a greater or lesser extent, allowing you to experiment with taste and achieve different results.

The optimal weight of coffee for one serving prepared in an Aeropress is 18 grams. Focus on your own taste preferences and choose individual proportions.

According to the recommendations of the inventor of the Aeropress, Alan Adler, the water should be cooled to a temperature of  80 ° C. To do this, boil the water and cool it for 3-5 minutes.

Before installing the mesh with the Microfilters KONIG paper filter in the Aeropress, we recommend spilling the paper with a small amount of hot water. Then you can pour a portion of coffee.

Full extraction occurs with a double infusion of water. First, 1/3 of the total volume of water is poured. If you take the 18 grams of ground coffee recommended by the manufacturer, you first need to use about 60 ml of water, and pour the remaining 130 ml after half a minute. Now put the piston in place and lift it a little so that the water does not get down, then fix this position for 40 seconds.

After pre-wetting the Microfilters KONIG paper filter and brewing the drink, pull out the coffee stirring piston, then put it back into the Aeropress and slowly immerse until the entire drink flows into the cup. This procedure takes about 20-30 seconds.

At the last stage of brewing, remove the used KONIG paper filter and enjoy the freshest coffee!

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