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Improved shape of basket filters by KONIG

Improved shape of basket filters by KONIG

05 May 2023

Coffee basket  filters by KONIG with a diameter of 245 mm are already available for purchase in a new quality. 

At the beginning of the year, our factory launched the process of production lines renew. The new lines are fully automated, they allow us to produce 120,000 filters per day per one line. At the moment, with 5 brand new lines, we have biggest production capacity for coffee filters among all global filter producers. 

The new improved shape of filter allows  to increase the number of waves by 30% with a same filter diameter, make perfect  edges and curves and geometrically verified waves. Due to the increased number of waves, the area and time of contact of the basket filter with water and coffee increases, the smoothness of the flow improves the filtration quality, the drink gets a light body and a clean taste. 

In the nearest few weeks  all standard size basket coffee filters will be produced  in a new improved version. Follow our news!

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