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How to make coffee in a purover using V60 coffee filters

How to make coffee in a purover using V60 coffee filters

11 February 2023
The method of brewing coffee in a purover is also known by the names: "funnel" – due to the use of this device, "V60" and "Hario" – by the name of the most famous brand-manufacturer of funnels from Japan. There are glass, plastic and ceramic funnels for the purover.

Despite the similarity of coffee making process between purover and chemex, there are some differences, which is reflected in the taste qualities. Along with other filter brewing methods, purover perfectly reveals fruit, berry and floral notes.
Before brewing, you should understand the main factors that can change the taste of coffee, regardless of the brewing method. To make coffee in this way, you will need V60 conical paper filters with a sharp spout.
For a purover, an average grinding is required – smaller than for a French press, but larger than for an espresso. Experiments with different degrees of grinding will help determine the ideal parameters for obtaining the perfect drink.

The classic proportions of ground coffee and water per cup when using the V60 funnel are 15 grams per 250 ml. The standard ratio of coffee and water is always 60 grams per 1 liter. To avoid errors in proportions that can negatively affect the result, we recommend using kitchen scales.
Changing the weight of coffee pushes you to adapt the degree of grinding, because the speed of spilling depends on it. The larger the volume of coffee, the larger its particles should be.

Most purover users prefer to brew coffee at a temperature of about 95 ° C. This temperature is achieved by cooling boiling water for one minute. You can use a water thermometer or a kettle with a temperature sensor.
Pre-wetting is recommended before placing a dose of ground coffee in a paper filter. This will improve the taste characteristics of the finished drink and stabilize the extraction. The wetting procedure consists of pouring about 150 ml of hot water into the coffee filter, which then needs to be poured out. The use of a kettle with a long thin spout will facilitate the task and allow you to regulate the flow of water.

Now you can fall asleep and evenly distribute the ground coffee through the funnel by gently shaking the device.
Place the purover on the scales, reset them, turn on the timer and moisten the coffee a little. To calculate the required volume of water, you need to start from a triple coefficient relative to the weight of coffee. For example, 15 grams of coffee per 45 milliliters of water. With an increase in the portion, the volume of water increases three times (for example, 30 grams – 90 ml). Pour water, wait half a minute to soak the coffee. After that, proceed directly to brewing.

The next step is to slowly pour water into the funnel in a clockwise circular motion, moving from the center to the edges until the volume of water reaches the desired parameters.
You can pour water in two ways: one-time or interval. In the first case, all the water is poured at once, the second involves adding it in portions with time intervals. The interval method enhances extraction.

The weight of the coffee and the chosen infusion method determine the total preparation time, which varies from 2.5 to 4 minutes.
The brewing process ends with the removal of the used paper filter and stirring of the drink in order to saturate with oxygen. Your coffee is ready!

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