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New products Filters for Chemex and Aeropress availability for order!

New products Filters for Chemex and Aeropress availability for order!

05 May 2023

Our new products paper filters compatible with Chemex* and Aeropress* coffee systems are available in stock.

Both filters are made of premium quality paper produced in Switzerland by an environmentally friendly and safe method of oxygen bleaching. 

KONIG paper filters for Chemex have a square shape and are  pre-folded. There are 100 filters in the package.

Thanks to the dense structure, KONIG filters for Chemex perfectly cope with the removal of oils, small coffee particles, excessive acidity and bitterness. KONIG filters are durable and will not break during filtration and during extraction of used coffee grounds.

  • Suitable for following Chemex coffee equipment: CM-6A, CM-6GH, CM-8A, CM-8GH, CM-10GH, CM-10A (six, eight, ten cups)
  • Not suitable for following Chemex  equipment: CM-1 (for 3 cups), CM-1C (for 3 cups), CM-1GH (for 3 cups), CM-FNX (1 cup)

KONIG Microfilters are round shape paper filters compatible with the Aeropress Aerobie* coffee system. The filters have a diameter of 64 mm (2.4 inches). Compatible with Aeropress and Aeropress Go, Delter Coffee Press and Cafflano Compact models. In one package - 350 Pcs. 

KONIG coffee filters ensure the correct time and uniformity of extraction, the perfect texture of the drink, rich aroma, while preserving all taste nuances, without extraneous flavors.

 *The trademark belongs to a third party.

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