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The secret of making coffee in a drip coffee machine

The secret of making coffee in a drip coffee machine

12 December 2022

This method has a lot of advantages that ensure its worldwide popularity. Along with convenience, speed and practical side, such a coffee machine is able to give out a large amount of coffee at a time by seeping hot water through ground coffee beans. 

Required components
You will need the coffee machine itself, ground or grain coffee, KONIG paper filters, water. Among the additional items that facilitate the task, the coffee grinder and scales are considered the most in demand.

Degree of grinding and determination of dosage
Large volumes of coffee and water require larger grinding. If about 300 ml of water is used, when grinding grains, make its size like for purover. When using half a liter or a liter of water, do the grinding, as for a French press.
In order not to make a mistake with the amount of coffee, remember a simple formula: one liter of water requires 60 grams of coffee beans. Thus, it takes 30 grams of beans for half a liter of ready-made coffee. To get a perfect result, never try to pour coffee by eye, even minor errors in proportions lead to a disadvantages in taste. It is recommended to weigh coffee on the before each preparation.

Pass a little hot water through the filter in order to get rid of the paper taste. This step should not be skipped with any volume of brewed coffee. The smaller amount of coffee you use, the more important it is to fulfill this requirement.
Pour the ground coffee into the filter pan and distribute it evenly.
If your coffee machine is equipped with a nylon filter, it does not need to be spilled with hot water, only thoroughly rinsed after each use.

Preparation speed
The time spent on preparing a fragrant drink directly depends on the amount of water. If 250 ml of water turns into coffee in 2.5 minutes, then 2 liters of coffee - after 6 minutes.
And finally, one more useful tip: if you want to lower the speed of water passing through coffee, reduce the grinding, and vice versa.

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