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KONIG FILTER PAPER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of filters for the food industry with a worldwide reputation.

We produce filters in Istanbul (Turkey) since 1995 with premium quality Swiss paper and fiber. In addition to the standard size range, we can produce filters of any size at the request of the customer within 1-3 working days.

KONIG FILTER PAPER is a global leader in the production of coffee filters for professional coffee brewing machines such as Bravilor Bonamat, Marco, Queen, Animo, Buhn and others.  

Since 2016  we have launched production of filters for various alternative coffee brewing methods: V60 cone filters, filters for domestic drip coffee machines in sizes №2 and №4, square filters compatible to Chemex coffee makers and round filters compatible to Aeropress system. We also produce filter envelopes and sheets for professional fryers for fast food restaurants. Our fiber filters are suitable for Henny Penny, Frymaster, Picto and Broaster fryers.


One of our main products is special filtering fiber in rolls for cooking oil, washing water and other liquids in food production. The filter material is used in production lines to remove solid particles from liquids, such as french fries, peanuts, breading flour and spices, burnt, oil film and shells. Rolls are made of the required width and length for specific equipment.



With more than 27 years’ experience we formed a professional  team  including 4 engineers and R&D department. All products in our factory are manufactured using high quality materials. Quality is the fundamental principle of our company. This is one of the reasons why, since 1995, our products have been distinguished by reliability and comfort of use. We follow high quality standards in all aspects of our business:  development of filter samples for the food industry, selection of raw materials for production and testing of finished products.



Our company follows the principles of sustainable development, which means our responsibility to future generations, maintaining a balance with the environment and prudent use of resources. KONIG FILTER PAPER conducts its business in such a way as to achieve this balance; for example, we recycle and minimize our residual waste. By taking measures at the production and organizational levels, we systematically contribute to reducing the level of environmental pollution. The filter bleaching process is held without the use of chlorine. We firmly believe that the path to a clean environment begins with the actions of each individual. Used filters can be recycled along with the contents into compost. The strength of the seams is created under high pressure without the use of adhesives and other chemical compounds.


Our R&D department is constantly working on the development of future products, as new processing equipment with filtration systems appears in the food industry every year, and accordingly there is a need for filters of new sizes, shapes and materials.
With our many years of experience in the cellulose and fiber filter industry, we also provide a variety of OEM services.




KONIG FILTER PAPER has an extensive dealership network covering more than 40 countries.
Among our clients:

Fast food restaurants: McDonald’s, BurgerKing, Carl’s Jn., CoffeShop Company, Tchibo, Starbucks.


Suppliers of equipment for catering companies and restaurants

Wholesale companies

Specialized Manufacturers

The largest hotel chains: Marriott, Radisson, Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Sheraton, Grand Hyatt and many others.



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