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Coffee filters KONIG compatible with Chemex natural, 100 pcs/pack
Coffee filters KONIG compatible with Chemex natural, 100 pcs/pack
Contact us for price details
Contact us for price details

KONIG pre-folded square filters are perfectly compatible with the Chemex coffeemakers. We produce filters in our factory in Istanbul, Turkey since 1995 using patented technology. Filters are made of premium quality fiber produced in Switzerland. KONIG coffee filters: • ensure the correct time and uniform extraction for pure coffee flavor • remove impurities, oils, grounds, acidity and bitter elements from the coffee • fit most of cone-shaped filter coffeemakers • are compostable and biodegradable KONIG filters are durable and will not break during the filtration process and during the extraction of used coffee grounds. Enjoy your perfectly flavoured cup of coffee with rich aroma, while preserving all taste nuances. Compatible to Chemex coffee makers CM-6A, CM-6GH, CM-8A, CM-8GH, CM-10GH, CM-10A (six, eight, ten cups) Not suitable for the following Chemex models CM-1 (for 3 cups), CM-1C (for 3 cups), CM-1GH (for 3 cups), CM-FNX (1 cup) 100 filters/pack
  • Product type
    Coffee filters
  • Brand
  • Size
    150*150 mm
  • Pcs per pack
  • Shape
  • Colour
    Not bleached
  • Material
  • Country of origin
  • Сompatible with
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