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Basket coffee filter papers KONIG D437 mm, 250 pcs/pack
Basket coffee filter papers KONIG D437 mm, 250 pcs/pack
Contact us for price details
Contact us for price details

KONIG basket paper filters for catering coffee brewing machines with a diameter of 437 mm Suitable for following fast filtration coffee machines: - Bravilor Bonamat B10 HW; - Animo Combi Line CB 2x10 LT: KONIG basket coffee filters provide consist filtration rate with no aroma barrier. Enjoy your perfectly flavoured cup of coffee with rich aroma. KONIG filters are made of premium quality Swiss paper with excellent characteristics. - Advantages of our paper filters for coffee machines: - the best performance with a uniform flow - rich aroma with preservation of all flavoring and aromatic nuances of the drink - clean cup without coffee particles - perfect texture of the drink - wide size range 250 pcs in a carton. Please contact us for special size request if you didn’t find the one in our catalogue. We are open for OEM production under your brand. We can also help with special package design developing.
  • Product type
    Coffee filters
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  • Size
    437 mm
  • Pcs per pack
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