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Filtering fiber in rolls KONIG any size per requst
Filtering fiber in rolls KONIG any size per requst
Contact us for price details
Contact us for price details

Filtering fiber in rolls is used on production lines for following products: - Frozen French fries, chicken nuggets, fish fingers and other breaded products - Production of seeds and nuts - Production of chips, donuts, pies The main goal of the filtering fiber is to extract the remains of the burn, oil film, bread flour and spices, solid particles of processed food from the filtered liquid. Filtering fiber is often applied in production lines with a large volume of filtered liquid – frying nuts, donuts, berliners, chips, nuggets, pies, washing of seeds etc. The width and length of the rolls depends on the size of the production line and can be cut according to the customer's parameters. Being one of the largest manufacturers of filter paper in the world, we always have a big stock of raw materials and can produce rolls of the required width and length within 3-5 working days.
  • Product type
    Fryer filters
  • Brand
  • Size
    per request
  • Colour
  • Material
    filtering fiber
  • Country of origin
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