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Fryer filter paper KONIG 430 x 860 mm, 100 pcs/pack
Fryer filter paper KONIG 430 x 860 mm, 100 pcs/pack
Contact us for price details
Contact us for price details

KONIG fryer filter paper provides an easy flow and filters out small food particles in the cooking oil through filtration. Advantages of KONIG filter paper for professional fryers: - Produced of Swiss premium quality fiber - Decreases oil consumption for frying up to 60% - Much healthier frying process - Improved organoleptic properties of food - Longer oil usage time Recommendations for use: - It is recommended to filter the deep–frying oil each 10-15 cooks, breaded products – each 5-10 cooks; - The best result is obtained by filtration, at which the oil temperature corresponds to the normal cooking temperature (170-180 °C); - The filter must be properly installed under the drain valve. This will prevent hot oil from splashing on the floor. KONIG fryer filters are preferred by international fast food chains, international restaurants, catering companies, and frozen food manufacturers that apply frying process. Fryer filter papers are available for every brand of deep fryer and any size requested.
  • Product type
    Fryer filters
  • Brand
  • Size
    430 х 860 mm
  • Pcs per pack
  • Colour
  • Material
    filtering fiber
  • Country of origin
  • Сompatible with
    Frymaster, KSCF118
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